Nature and Creativity for the Future Generation (NCFG)

Vision: To promote a sustainable use of natural resources that will lead to improved environment and economic transformation


NCFG is an indigenous nonprofit organization that was founded in Uganda and legally registered in 2018. Membership is open to all individuals above 18 years with a sound mind and having an interest in its objectives and aims.


  • Ecological friendly.
  • Transparency, integrity and accountability
  • Solidarity with marginalised communities.
  • Gender equity
  • Team work
  • Networking and partnership


To facilitate the community in promoting proper use of natural resources, proper agricultural practices that will enable the community to conserve the environment and improve livelihoods.


  • Strengthening the governance and management of the Organization.
  • Increase awareness and sensitization of communities about causes and effects of environment degradation.
  • To promote tree planting in order to conserve the environment.
  • To promote sustainable organic Agriculture.
  • To promote water harvesting.
  • To involve the youth on the campaign of environment protection and preservation.
  • To promote the use of energy saving stoves and other alternative sources of energy.
  • To promote income generating activities.
  • Interventions in community health and WASH.


  • Here at NCFG we promote environmental protection, soil and water conservation and we improve people’s livelihood, food and livestock production and value addition.
  • We also improve water harvesting and protection. We implement the above through planting wood and fruit trees, installation of energy saving stoves and Biogas digesters, practicing organic farming and construction and protection of water sources.
  • We are trying to evolve a sustainable approach by using natural resources to ensure constant availability of fuel/wood energy, water and food production thus conserving the environment and improving livelihood of communities.
  • Our activities are in two districts(Mpigi and Butambala). We are working with all kinds of people of different ages. We are pro-environment and we appreciate who ever supports our cause morally, spiritually and financially.


Caring for the cow

Making composite manure

Making organic pesticide

Covering a compost pit

Banana mulching

On compost pit

Learners prepare silage/green fodder

Feeding pigs

Learners collect elephant grass for silage

Caring for the passion  fruit

Learners receiving certificates

NCFG staff and learners at the end of the three weeks trainings in organic



  • Central Uganda, Mpigi District,
  • Kammengo Sub county 
  • Mpondwe village only  30 miles from Kampala the capital city of Uganda.



P.O.Box 33754 Kampala Uganda,

Phone:    +256 772 352 626

Mobile:  +256 772 519 822

Mobile:    +256 702 352 626



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